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Transform Your Home with Suntrol

Choosing our window tinting services means transforming your home experience for years to come.

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality materials for our tinting services.

Our premium selection of window films is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves multiple functional purposes.

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Window Tinting Solutions You Can Trust

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Protection from UV Rays With Our Quality Window Films

Our window films block up to 99% of harmful ultra violet rays, safeguarding both your family's health and your furnishings. You can rest easy knowing that your risk of skin cancer is reduced and your furniture is safe from premature fading.

Enhanced Privacy

Our window films are expertly designed to reduce visibility from the outside. This means you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without worrying about prying eyes. Live comfortably knowing your personal space is secure.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Are you struggling with high energy bills? Our window films can help. We work to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.

This way, you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment while saving on energy costs.

Glare Reduction for Enhanced Comfort

Experience enhanced comfort in your home with our state-of-the-art window tinting that effectively reduce glare.

By softening the harshness of direct sunlight, our films allow you to enjoy natural light without the inconvenience of straining your eyes or experiencing screen reflections.

Whether you're watching television, working on the computer, or simply relaxing, Suntrol ensures your visual comfort is optimized.

Our Window Tint Installation Process

At Suntrol, we have a team of skilled professionals who ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

We'll walk you through each step, providing advice on how to care for your newly tinted windows to ensure they remain in prime condition for years to come.

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Our window tints have a warranty period that guarantees peace of mind.

Our testimonials and case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Window Film

Why should I consider tinting my house windows?

Residential window tint can reduce glare, protect against harmful UV rays, improve privacy, and potentially lower energy costs by keeping your home cooler during sunny days.

Is window film permissible under building regulations?

Yes, window tinting is allowed, but you must comply with the Building Code which includes limits on how dark the tint can be, especially for certain rooms.

How long does the tinting last on residential properties?

Quality window tinting can last between 15 - 20 years, depending on factors such as the product used, exposure to the sun, and proper installation.

Will window tinting prevent interior fading?

While no window tint can eliminate fading, it can significantly reduce the amount of harmful ultraviolet rays and excessive heat that enter, which are a major contributor to the deterioration of fabrics, flooring, and furnishings.

Can tinting be installed on any type of glass?

Most types of residential glass can have tint applied, but there are exceptions and special considerations for certain glass types. It's always best to consult with a professional to understand the suitability for your specific windows.

What is the typical cost for residential window tinting ?

Costs can vary widely based on the size of the glass, the type of film, and installation fees. At Suntrol, we provide reasonable and competitive pricing for residential tinting installation services.

How effective is residential window tinting?

Residential window tinting can be highly effective for several reasons, mainly due to unique climate and environmental conditions. Auckland experiences a temperate maritime climate, with warm, humid summers and mild, wet winters every year.

The city also enjoys a significant amount of sunshine throughout the year. Still, there can be issues with UV radiation levels due to New Zealand's location near the ozone layer hole over the Antarctic.


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